The online designer

The 3D planner on your website

I am the online interior design application that aims to circulate your catalogues in 3D. Believe me when I tell you that I can boost your image and increase your site traffic.

I’m also ‘alive’, so your customers can create a 3D scene: arranging furniture, altering measurements and finishes and calculating the quotation.

Teoweb planner:
“When you publish me, I…”

 Optimise your company’s work by automatically creating online catalogues through Teowin.

I make it possible to import projects into Teowin so they can then be edited and managed

Strengthen your competitive image and increase your sales.

Teoweb planner: "My functions, with no filters"

+ I create 3D interior designs in an easy, intuitive way.

+ You can include product catalogues for the items you sell and the necessary accessories in your customers’ library so they can design.

+ I calculate the quote for the design created.

+ I keep all 3D projects in the cloud so that you can look them up.

Teoweb planner: “Your goals within my reach”

+ I instantly publish your catalogues in 3D.

+ I am offered as a free tool so you can attract new customers.

+ I can get access to the homes of your end customers and I attract them through your website.

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