The online quote generator

Teoweb Plus + : Calculate and apply your rates 100%

You can offer me as a free tool in your stores to:

El Calculate quotes.

Manage factory orders.

I run on any browser and I strive to:

Build your customers’ loyalty by making their day-to-day work easier.

Show professionalism by optimising receipt of orders.

Teoweb plus +:
“My 3 strengths”

+ I instantly publish your catalogues and rates thanks to Cloud technology.

+ I receive your orders in line with the structure, format and information you need, thanks to Teowin’s direct imports .

+ I’m a free tool for your customers, and useful for everyone.

Teoweb plus + : “I perform calculations and arrange orders”

+ I make it easier to calculate quotations by applying your rates with all their peculiarities 100%: special point values, customised price increments and the freedom to apply variants.

+I inform your customers about their order status and manage the confirmation in order to minimise both phone calls and paper usage.

+ View the statistics about customers who work , those who sell  and which models are popular.

Teoweb plus+: “By joining forces, we achieve objectives”

+ I streamline your company’s organisation by standardising repetitive processes.

+ I automate your incoming orders with Teowin’s direct imports.

+ I save your company time with the unified receipt of orders that optimises daily tasks.

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