Be one step ahead. Control, supervise, anticipate

Discover Simsa’s latest innovation which allows you to better control your production processes and to make your commercial procedures more agile, thanks to a set of portfolios updated in real time.

Depending on your profile and your particular needs, you can add one or more Teovision solutions to your current Teowin. As detailed below:


View all relevant quotation and orders information, thanks to a reports and alerts system.

Access any given information and filter the results according to your criteria with just a click of the mouse.

Manage all business tasks with agility and standardise internal procedures.


Make purchasing decisions easily and efficiently. Calculate the provision of supplies required according to sales orders.

Access relevant information for stock management
Manage purchases automatically and intuitively.

Discover what our software can do for you

With our demos, you can see how flexibly Teowin works in every aspect (3D design, exploded diagrams and creation of special furniture), and you can also check out all my tools and advantages.


Easily manage your factory’s production with a powerful control panel

+ Visualise all the information pertainingto orders to manufacture.

+ Control production orders with agility and distribute them across workstations.

+ Manage production waste and stock materials.


Complete Teovision Prod with Prod + for total control of the entire plant and manage the semi-finished products

+ Organise production and track parts in real time.

+ Easily manage shipments and parcels.

+ Access the relevant information to manage stocks and semi-finished items manufacturing.