Teowin Manufacturing:
The solution for special pieces

The country’s leading factories ensure that I can cut and manufacture all kinds of furniture.

I am the intermediate version in my software family and these are the tools that convey what I’m all about.

I build all kinds of furniture and I’m notable for incorporating 3D project design, the most advanced furniture engineering on the market. This allows me to manage standard and special pieces (wardrobes, column cutting, custom interiors, front panel combinations, etc.) in the same way.

Carpentry workshops and furniture factories use me as a calculation and management tool.

software fabricación muebles a medida

Teowin Manufacturing: “I calculate costs, cutting lists and machining “

The entire information flow that I generate to manage a company develops from the PIECE OF FURNITURE and its features.

Check out all the tasks I perform thanks to my furniture editor:

I create all the units within a collection and incorporate their manufacturing logic.

I model each piece of the furniture with help from my multiple tools.

I make it possible to import CAD files.

I generate furniture in 3D objects, internally coded and with multiple variables (materials, finishes, edges, measurements, cuts, etc.). This information allows me to determine their cost and easily transform them without losing the ability to automatically cut and machine them.

Teowin manufacturing: “order entry is the starting point”

I think you’ll agree with me when I say that an order is a list of furniture, with some standard pieces and other customised pieces. The market increasingly demands product customisation.

I offer the ability to manage all furniture in the same way, without having to specifically design each piece or recalculate all of its features.

I use two foolproof methods to make this happen:

I create an exploded view of a 3D project with all of its features.

I enter the order via my personalised assistant. This allows me to define all variables and transfer them to the 3D piece of furniture at just the click of a button.

Software 3D diseño de muebles

Teowin manufacturing:
“My add-on modules...”

Connections to machines or other optimisers

Link me to your factory machines via direct connections or via other optimisers. Ask for more info about the manufacturers and third-party software to which I can send information.

I calculate needs

 I facilitate your purchase management by calculating the materials required to create an order and present potential orders to the supplier.

Financial accounting

You can automatically transfer all information generated by your customer and supplier invoicing to accounting and financial management.

Teowin manufacturing: “I generate production lists and connect to the machines”

YOU are in charge when it comes to manufacturing the piece.

You can include one or more orders, which can be total or partial, in a single work order.

When it comes to orders:

I optimise materials.

I automatically generate the information needed for production.

I present this information in the form of:

Lists and reports: cutting, optimisation, mapping, edges, hardware, body and front panel assembly.

Machine connection programs: Beamsaws, CNC, nesting, edge-banding, etc.

Labels with barcodes to identify parts, modules and packages.

Teowin manufacturing: "I help you to avoid repetitive tasks"

One of my main goals is to minimise your work. For this reason, I transfer all the information generated on a daily basis to the purchasing and sales modules.

That way, I can:

Calculate purchasing needs and generate supplier orders.

Invoice for total or partial customer orders.

Issue total or partial dispatch notes.

Connect to theaccounts and finance modules.