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TeoiPad: The best app for the furniture industry’

A few years ago, Sam Walton, a famous American businessman, said something that I always keep on my mobile: ‘There’s only one boss: the customer’. How true!

I could tell you about more than 16,456 functions I can perform, but Simsa has created me for 2 reasons: to optimise the distribution of your product catalogue and to help you with your sales.

Don’t forget that YOU are the ‘boss’, so you have the ‘keys’ and you can customise me with a great marketing strategy. 🙂

Teoipad: “Happy for you to customise me”

That’s it. I’m happy for you to customise me and to make the most of my strengths

+ I’m a digital catalogue and I instantly ‘go’ anywhere in the world.

+ I configure your products from my 3D editor. That way, I can show people the entire range and where they can find them.

+ I post whichever offers and new products you tell me to.

+ I manage sales from the Shopping trolley.

+ I strengthen your points of sale.

+ You can sign up for my services on either a full or partial basis.

Teoipad: “The advantages of being part of a complete solution”

Out of the entire family of ‘TEO’ products offered by Simsa (as you’ve already seen, each one has a specific function), my particular strength is ‘innovation’. In fact, I can be combined with Teowin software via the Mobile innovation. What can I do?

+ Update your catalogues whenever they are loaded into Teowin.

+ Automatically receive orders or quotations in your ERP.

Teoipad: :
“I promote your sales network”

Together we can generate as many sales as possible, but before that…follow my advice…

+ Coordinate your sales reps with a good sales pitch.

+ Keep an eye on results and userstatistics (as well as business statistics), through Teoweb Site Service.

+ Attract new customers by displaying your categories in an easy and intuitive way.