Teowin ERP:
“Factory control is in your hands”

My name is Teowin ERP and I’m considered to be the most comprehensive solution on the market for furniture manufacturers.

I was specifically developed for the furniture industry and I coordinate every area of your factory.

My primary goal is to increase your PRODUCTIVITY and facilitate the transition towards a SMART FACTORY.
I’ve worked with all types of furniture factories since 1995. As a result, I now have a whole range of tools that I use to manage and optimise tasksresources and materials, by automising production processes and facilitating decision-making in all areas of your factory.

Teowin ERP: «Do you want to know how I help each department?»

  • I create a production catalogue via multiple variants which increase its flexibility in use.
  • I conveniently manage special orders.
  • I manage production orders:
    • Upon request
    • From rejections and returns
    • In order to supply semi-finished product stock.
  • I automatically calculate cutting lists and mechanised processes from production orders.
  • I optimise materials and report on the hardware required.
  • I generate the machine connection programs (cutting, nesting, machining and edging).
  • I calculate costs and make it easer to set rates.
  • There are two different ways to enter orders:
    • Automatically: importing those from Teowin Design, Teoweb Plus + and Teoweb Planner.
    • Manually: you can enter them into my system via the 3D editor or the quotation module.
  • My order book performs the following functions:
    • It automates the confirmation of the orders you select in batch mode.
    • It blocks orders if applicable (confirmation pending, balance exceeded, payment pending, etc.).
    • It tracks and reports on order status
    • It estimates the delivery date.
    • It manages returns and rejections.
    • It calculates shipping and applies up to six different types of discounts.
  • I calculate purchasing needs .
  • I submit the potential orders to the supplier who can fulfil them.
  • I display prices and delivery dates.
  • I facilitate decision-making prior to purchase.

Teowin ERP:
"My add-on modules.."

Connections to machines or other optimisers

Link me to your factory machines through direct connections or via other optimisers. Ask for more info about the manufacturers and third-party software to which I can send information.

Construction Management

I manage operator reports, enter expenses and overtime, generate supplier orders and allocate materials to the works, send production orders and plan the work in accordance with deliveries.

Connect with other programs

You can contract the connection with other software through our CUSTOM PROGRAMMING service.

erp fábrica de muebles


  • I distribute the machine connection programs and the work reports.
  • I label parts, modules, packages and pallets.
  • I monitor the tasks being carried out thanks to their factory time cards.
  • I manage package assembly and packing.
  • I coordinate the outsourcing of production processes.
  • I manage the stock of:

    • Raw materials
    • Semi-finished products
    • Finished products


    • I supervise quality control.
    • I control where stock is located in the warehouse and reserve materials.
    • I conduct inventories and standardise stock.
  • I manage carriers.
  • I manage and organise truck loading.
  • I issue total or partial delivery notes.


  • I manage customers:
    • I fully and partially invoice the customer.
    • I manage the risk covered.
  • I invoice carriers.
  • I calculate commissions.
  • I facilitate procedures with banks
  • I manage receivables and payables.
  • I monitor the company’s treasury.
  • I manage cash flow.
  • I manage taxes.
  • I report on:
    • Balance sheets
    • Profits and losses
    • Amounts and balances
  • I amortise automatically.
  • I handle analytical accounting.