“The website that serves you best”

Teoweb SS: The extranet 24-hour service for customer
I’d love to ‘connect’ with you, particularly if you are a furniture manufacturer or from a distribution group. I’ll get straight to the point: I instantly circulate new products so that you can capture the attention of new customers, and I develop new commercial strategies that will allow you to increase your sales.

Here’s my toolkit

Teoweb Site Service:
“my 3 strengths”

I inform your customers about all the information they need via the notice board, the private forum for factories and shops and circulating files via TeoCloud Box.

I join together the distribution network and build loyalty for your shops.

I attract new customers. And if I remember correctly, that’s your main objective, correct?

Teoweb Site Service: "We Teo's are all connected"

+ Teoweb Plus+calculates quotations and sends orders to the factory from any browser.

+ Teoweb Plannercreates interior designs online and directly in 3D from your catalogues.

+ And I…monitor access to the portal, its validity and the information presented in each case, at user level.

Teoweb Site Service: “I’m going to talk about advantages…"

+ I display the projects and calculations you create Teoweb Plus+, Teoweb Planner and TeoiPad

+ I publish your campaigns and offers, instantly updating your catalogue.

+ I look up statistics on use and sales.

+ I connect to Teowin and TeoiPad automatically.

+ I reuse the data you enter into Teowin.