Specialized almost from its origins in the creation of professional software solutions for companies in the furniture sector and interior design Simsa celebrated its 30 years of existence in 2016. The past December 2, was the commemoration of the 30th anniversary of Simsa in the halls of the iconic hotel Claris.

At this meeting, its founder, Jordi Fuertes, gave a retrospective look at the company’s trajectory from its beginnings in 1986 to the present. Founded three decades ago, the company, headquartered in Barcelona, ??began its career by specializing in offering custom-made IT solutions , developing at first small applications for companies from different sectors, at a time in the That the development of computer technology and the Internet were still at an early stage.

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A requirement to the world of aluminum was the trigger to select a sector poignant and hungry for technological needs, which led them to start in it, knowing the slang of their world.

This specialization soon moved to the creation of the Teorema application, which ended up being a reference in the sector, and whose logical consequence was derived in the sector of wood and aluminum, culminating with the creation of Teowin , Modular software pioneering to bring specialized tools to the professionals of the sector. A path marked by change, and innovation, where Simsa has had to reinvent itself again and again to continue offering solutions adapted to the Needs of the market.

This tenacity and perseverance mean that Simsa continues to maintain itself as industry leader , ahead of market needs and implementing new technology trends within its solutions: Strong> Virtual Reality and augmented reality can already be found among Teo 360. TeoIpad and Teolive features. Innovation that can also be seen in its products MANUFACTURING AND ERP, which have features of an unimaginable singularity, always thinking about companies and their daily needs.

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This anniversary coincides with the launch last July of Teowin’s new Teowin 9.0 , whose new additions include a new graphics engine , able to navigate in time Real and quality render , in addition to incredible lighting effects that allow to bring a greater realism to the scene.

The commemorative dinner was attended by a large part of the team that forms this business project, which have marked the vision, strategies and actions of the Society during these 30 years. Among all the attendees Jordi Fuertes was presented with a commemorative plaque highlighting his successful and longstanding innovative and commercial trajectory. Finally, an interesting exchange of experiences was carried out between the heads of the different teams, contributing their vision and future proposals.

The celebration also had great moments of fun and camaraderie, where it became clear once again, the cohesion of its teams, in order to continue growing to achieve the common objectives that will lead Simsa to remain a benchmark of quality and Innovation within the furniture sector .

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