Armarios Benno is a Spanish wardrobe manufacturer located in Velilla de San Antonio (Madrid).

It specialises in manufacturing all types of wardrobe doors and custom wardrobes, whether built-in or modular (for more information on this manufacturer please see its website at

It has been using Teowin since March 2009.

software fabricante armarios
Elite 121 Series by Armarios Benno

By using the program, the company aims to integrate all of its factory management tasks into a single software solution, thus joining together the organisation of all its departments: Purchasing, Sales, Design, Production, Warehouse, Transport, Accounts and Finance. Armarios Benno currently uses the Teowin tool to:

  • Design new products. It designs all of its products parametrically in Teowin, whether wardrobe doors or interiors, to ensure the highest quality of furniture engineering.
  • Enter orders and automatically calculate cutting lists, machining and delivery dates.When they receive an order, they introduce it into the system and generate a work order. At this point, the program automatically calculates the optimisation of materials, the cutting, edging and machining program, and the date of delivery to the customer.
  • Plan and manage production processes. Once a work order has been processed, they use Teowin to generate the machining programs and the job sheets for the operators. They send this information to the production plant to coordinate the production work.
  • Organise dispatches.Always following the criteria they have set in the program, they also use Teowin to manage packaging and loading tasks.
  • Manage purchases and sales. Similarly, when a work order is generated, Teowin automatically calculates the purchasing requirements and proposes the possible purchase orders. Armarios Benno chooses the best options and automatically generates the necessary orders. The program also automatically generates all the administrative paperwork related to sales orders (invoices, delivery notes, receipts, etc.).
  • Manage the company accounts and finances.Taking advantage of the flow of information provided by an integrated system, they transfer all the necessary information to the Accounts and Financial Management units, thus avoiding unnecessary repetition of tasks and optimising the department’s workflow.

Armarios Benno’s management has the following to say about Teowin:
“Teowin is a highly versatile application that enables the integrated management of all Armarios Benno’s departments, offering us optimal solutions for the daily work of our entire company. An example of this is the fact that the 3D application meets the standards required by our clients in terms of design and innovation”

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