Auxaldis is a studio and workshop located in Algete, Madrid (Spain).

It designs and assembles all types of bespoke kitchens and wardrobes, as well as manufacturing all its own pieces. (For further information about this manufacturer, please visit its website at

It has been a Teowin user since April 2011.

With the program, the company aims to increase its sales thanks to the 3D design of any type of kitchen or wardrobe and the ability to show its customers renders and live presentations of its projects that are faithful to the final result. The software uses these same designs to generate the information needed to manufacture the pieces. It also streamlines production by automating tasks and controlling all the manufacturing processes.

Auxaldis currently uses Teowin to:

  • Design new products and generate its digital catalogue.
    All its products are implemented in Teowin parametrically so as to leverage its furniture engineering to the full. It associates these graphic and dynamic objects with a comprehensive data sheet for each article so that they may be catalogued and priced. Once it has entered all the pieces in its collection, it generates a digital catalogue ready to be imported by any Teowin design.
  • Enter orders and automatically calculate exploded drawings and machined parts.
    When it receives an order, it enters it into the system and generates a work order. At this point, the program automatically calculates the material optimisation, cutting program, edge banding and machined parts.
  • Plan and manage production processes.
    Once a work order has been processed, it uses Teowin to generate the machine connection programs and the work reports for operators. It sends this information to the plant to coordinate production work.

Here is what Auxaldis and its employees have to say about TeoWin:

TeoWin has been a great help to Auxaldis. Thanks to them, we have managed to start a new phase as manufacturers of our own designs. This tool has allowed us to optimise and innovate in developing and planning our own manufacturing and work method, which is totally different from before. It has helped the organisation to adapt and become more competitive, meet the needs of our clients and better achieve our objectives.
We chose Teowin thanks to its flexibility, adaptability and customer service.

11 de Junio de 2014

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