Josico is a Spanish family company that manufactures furniture, located in Almagro (Ciudad Real).

It specialises in the manufacture of furniture for children and teenagers and personalised wardrobes, both built-in and modular. For further information, visit their website at

It has been a Teowin user since May 2010.

Software Mueble Juvenil
Muebles Josico Design

Its goal with the program is to control all its internal management and production with a single software solution. Thisallows it to monitor all its projects at any stage, and organise all its factory’ssections and areas.

Josico is currently using the Teowin tool to:

  • Design new products and generate its digital catalogue.
    All its products are designed and implemented in Teowin parametrically so as to leverage its furniture engineering to the full. It associates these graphic and dynamic objects with a comprehensive data sheet for each article to be able to catalogue and price them.
  • Introduce orders and automatically calculate exploded drawings and machined parts.
    Orders are entered either manually or generated automatically once an estimate has been accepted. Once the order has been accepted, the work order is generated and the program automatically calculates material optimisation, the cutting program, edge banding and machined parts.
  • Plan and manage production processes.
    Once a work order has been processed, they use Teowin to generate the machine connection programs and the work reports for operators. They send this information to the plant to coordinate production work.
  • Manage purchases and sales.
    Similarly, on generating the production order, Teowin automatically calculates purchasing needs and proposes possible orders to the supplier. Josico selects the best options and automatically generates the corresponding orders. In addition, the program automatically generates all the administrative documentation pertaining to sales orders (invoices, delivery orders, receipts, etc.).
  • Manage the company’s accounting and finances.
    Leveraging the information flow delivered by an integrated system, they transfer all the necessary information to the Accounting and Financial Management modules, thus avoiding unnecessary repeat jobs while also optimising this department’s work.

José Antonio, who implemented Teowin in the company, says:

“Teowin has permitted us to:

  • Give our production system greater flexibility.
  • Improve the link between management and production and vice-versa.As well as with other departments.
  • Design our customers’ sales, offering them superior-quality design.

All this has allowed us to present a modern and competitive image to our clients.”

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