Kibuc is a Spanish group of shops whose central distributor is located in Cardedeu (Barcelona).

It specialises in the interior design and marketing of all kinds of home furniture (for more information on this group, please see its website at

Most Kibuc shops have been using Teowin since September 2008.


Salón Comedor de la colección Aiko de Kibuc

Lounge/Dining Room from the
Aiko collection by Kibuc

Composición 30 de la colección Niko de Kibuc

Arrangement 30 from the
Niko collection by Kibuc
Teowin programa 3d para el diseño interior

Bedroom from the
Pasión collection by Kibuc


Their objective with the program is to provide all their shops with a high quality tool that includes all their brand catalogues and allows them to design any interior in 3D and submit it directly to the end customer. Without a doubt, this is a tool that makes sales tasks easier. Currently, Kibuc uses Teowin design and the updater TeoService for:

  • Digitising its brand catalogues. Simsa digitises all the Kibuc brand catalogues, using Teowin to implement the design of all its furniture, compositions and finishes.
  • Distributing the catalogues to its shops. Through TeoService, a tool that manages data downloading and software updates, Kibuc distributes its catalogues, digitised in Teowin, among all its shops. Once it has downloaded a catalogue from the cloud, any Kibuc shop can start to use it in the program and present the new products.
  • Designing projects directly in 3D. The program’s features allow sales people to design entire projects directly in 3D, which they often use to create projects in front of the customer so they can jointly define the type of environment they are looking for.
  • Presenting their work to the end customer.Kibuc shops take advantage of many of the program’s tools to help present projects to the end customer. These include high quality rendering, virtual tours, saving of scenes and their automatic changes.

Paula Pi, interior designer at Kibuc Cersa, shares her opinion of Teowin :

Teowin is a program that makes our day-to-day work easier, especially because it enables us to work in front of the client to offer a practically complete project on the first visit. In addition, the fact that you can update the finishes and the new parts so quickly allows us to stay faithful to our style and type of product.”

“Being able to save views allows us to show the customer all the design details, even those that are hidden away and hard to reach”

“The technical service that comes with the program is also essential. It’s a guarantee and it gives us a lot of peace of mind having a team of efficient professionals on the other end of the phone who, at any time, can solve a incident, help us to resolve queries or give us good advice on being more effective in using the program.”

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