Moduline is an Australian group with its own shops whose central distribution point is located in Ingham (Queensland).

It specialises in the design and marketing of all types of kitchen and bathroom furniture (for more information visit their website or find them on

The factory and shops have been using Teowin throughout their business since February 2009.

Their objective in working with Teowin is to have a flexible system that generates projects and allows them to be shared between offices and, when the work is finalised and is accepted by the customer, to connect automatically with the factory to receive orders, check them and manufacture them using automated processes thanks to the connections that Teowin makes possible with the production line.

Moduline currently uses Teowin and its updater TeoCloud for:

  • Designing new products and generating digital catalogues. It designs all its products in Teowin using its parametric functionalities to take full advantage of its furniture engineering. These graphic and dynamic objects are assigned a complete article datasheet which allows them to be catalogued and priced. When the whole collection has been introduced, a digital catalogue is generated and made available to export to any Teowin design.
  • Distributing its digital catalogue. All its shops work with Teowin design to generate projects and their estimates. The shops are permanently updated with a customised catalogue exporter that ensures they always have access to the most recent information.
  • Sharing Teowin projects with TeoCloud.The complexity of this client lies in the way it works: different designers based in different offices share projects, with each one performing specific tasks. Sharing information between designers and manufacturing specialists or sending information to the next stage of a project was in the past a very time consuming process, due to sending and understanding the information, the generation of a response and the sending back of modified information to the origin, etc.
    To solve this problem, the custom application TeoCloud was developed so a project can be assigned online and be instantly modified, sent or checked from different locations. In this way it has been possible to speed up the communication time between offices and, at the same time, minimise the delivery time of projects.
  • Entering orders and automatically calculating cutting lists and machining.When they receive an order, they introduce it in the system and generate the work order. The program then automatically calculates the cutting and edging information, machining programs and material optimisation.
  • Managing purchases and sales. Together with the manufacturing order, Teowin automatically calculates the purchasing needs and proposes the possible purchase orders to suppliers. Moduline chooses the best options and automatically generates the corresponding orders, some of which can be sent electronically. The program also automatically generates all the sales documentation (invoices, delivery notes, receipts, etc.).
  • Automatic data export to its own optimisation system. A customised software option allows Moduline to link the information generated by Teowin to their optimisation system and to their IMA BIMA machining centre for data transfer.

What Stephen Tetley, General Manager of Moduline, thinks about Teowin:

Teowin has enabled our business to remain competitive in our industry through two important areas. From every job that we sell to a client, Teowin is able to produce the correct machine data required of our CNC machinery. As we offer many different choices to the client in terms of construction styles, colours and other options, it is important that the machine data is flexible and accurate. Teowin is able to produce this data in a consistent and reliable way for our production centre.

Secondly, as an ERP tool, Teowin has improved the way in the way we enter, handle and find data related to our customers, inventory and production. Simsa has developed specific solutions to adapt Teowin to our needs so that we can ensure our administrative and production staff have access to the information they need when they need it.

What makes the relationship with Simsa so important to us is the support we receive for using Teowin in our business. It is important to know there is someone you can trust to help resolve queries so that our business can continue to grow

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