Simsa Teowin will be present at major trade fairs in 2017 as exhibitor

Simsa once again this year will be present at international trade fairs for woodworking industry and furniture sector, continuing its vocation to open up to different markets and seeking new marketing channels for its main software: Teowin.
Here are the 3 important dates to remember :

21-24 February – SICI Espacio Cocinas Valencia (Spain)
22-26 May – LIGNA 2017 Hanover (Germany)
13-17 June – FITECMA Buenos Aires (Argentina)
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SICI is a show dedicated to the world of Kitchens and will be celebrated within the initiative of “Nos vemos en Valencia 2017” with Cevisama and Promat Espacio Cocinas – SICI answers to the specific needs of the Spanish kitchen sector as well as propose a showcase attractive enough to summon national and international actors of the sector (furniture, worktops, appliances, chairs and tables, software …) ”
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LIGNA 2017 Hanover will be the international point of convergence for the woodworking industry and its transformation for a week: Definitely an important crossroads therefore for the capture of contacts and the presentation of the latest technological advances of the sector. The event will bring together a whole series of organized exhibitions, seminars, conferences and, of course, the main companies in the sector.
This edition will be the first one for Simsa as an exhibitor, and the company will take the opportunity to present the main 2017’ software innovations to the rest of the world.
The presence of Simsa on an event of this magnitude will make it possible to establish new contacts and commercial relations, as well as adapt a little more its products and services to the needs of the market. It is a unique opportunity to meet the main actors of the sector, whether customers or suppliers, as this fair is considered one of the most important on the world scale.
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FITECMA is a main event as well in the Latin American commercial scene. This is Simsa’s second participation, with the support of the local distributor, Grupo Calcagno. The expectations are rather positive for this edition, given the political-economic situation that suggests a more favorable context for foreign trade with Argentina.

Among the software innovations that Simsa will present in 2017, we will present here the main ones:

For manufacturers, considerable improvements to the ERP module include:
-New Order Portfolio Module
-New Manufacturing Order Portfolio Module
-New tactile interfaces for workshop operators
-New Package Management and Truck Loading

For the 3D Design part, Teowin’s revolutionary graphical interface, coupled with the TeoLive module, not only allows you to visualize Renders HD in video mode with real-time illumination effects, but also to be projected into the scene thanks to the virtual reality device Oculus. This new technology allows to interact with the furniture (opening doors, drawers, lights, etc.) and to visualize the project from any point of view. A new step has been taken here by Simsa’s team to simulate as much as possible the realism of a project with the final consumer and to bring the final tool for all the furniture sales agent and designers.

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