Teowin celebrates its success in Mexico.

At Simsa we are very pleased to have taken part in the 21st MAGNOEXPOMUEBLERA trade fair, which was held in Mexico D.F. from 21 to 25 January 2015.

The large number of people who came to talk to us, including clients and industry professionals interested in our solutions, has boosted our confidence to continue working in the same direction.
Furthermore, several companies that provide services to the industry (SCM Group, Felder and Asia Robótica) have contacted us about collaborating on the important step forward of introducing the furniture industry’s most cutting-edge technology into Mexico and Latin America.

We had in fact already paid several visits to Mexico, and we are pleased to see that the furniture industry is advancing with a firm step and that it increasingly focuses on the mechanisation, computerisation and automation of production processes. The Simsa team is very excited about being able to collaborate in some way in this step forward.

Finally, we would like to thank all our visitors for their time and interest. We will continue to be available to provide all the information and support they may need that we can offer.


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