Our 30 years of experience developing IT solutions for the furniture industry, including Teowin Design , Teowin Manufacturing and Teowin ERP , but also Teo alu, Teo 360º and Teolive (the new module of Teowin) in relation to the peculiarities of our sector pushed us to also develop very close attention to our customers by offering an exclusive service, thanks to our know-how of the industry and an indispensable empathy to achieve the software implantation and its use in everyday life.

This close service is reflected in the availability offered by each member of our department , made up of qualified professionals (most of them have over 10 years experience in the sector), offering continuous training and monitoring in order to give effective SOLUTIONS before a problem, whether it is technical or functional.

When a kitchen designer, a carpenter, or a manufacturer acquires our software TeoWin (Design , Manufacturing or ERP ) the first thing he receives is the USB license (dongle) and USB key (installation files).
From our headquarters in Barcelona we send by courier the keys within a period of 24 hours to 5 days depending on the destination. Upon receipt of the package, our customers then contact us to install the program and schedule training.

Marçal Soler, Head of Technical Departament (12 years in Simsa) explains: “Simsa is constantly listening to its customers, and this goes beyond training. We do this through TeamViewer (free software to connect to the customer’s computer and with them the necessary points) and Skype to provide answers in the shortest possible time. ”

The main objective of the technical department of Simsa is to bring concrete solutions to customers and to train them in the use of our software. Training is crucial because they will apply our experience in the furniture to the service companies who want to know all the details and tools to modernize and optimize their business.
Training can be done on site or conducted by telephone. The technology allows us to offer a quality technical support to the four corners of the planet, in order to provide specific solutions to each client profile to give a comprehensive tool for increasing sales of a showroom or the productivity of a manufacturer.

The acquisition of TeoWin automatically includes one year of technical support. After this first year, the customer can continue to use the software and renew if desired maintenance to get another year of technical support.
One of the most common questions regarding what is included in the maintenance contract . Marcal Soler answers: “The software updates during the year, ad hoc consultations (unlimited support) and program relocations related to the change of PC, server, etc. ”
Technical Support Simsa is directed to some 5,000 industry professionals who use our services. Our vision is to provide continuity in the long term, in addition with the potential of our solutions, and this requires a personal contact with each of our clients, active listening and a diagnostic situation. This is partly what explains our success for 30 years now.

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