I was created in 1986 by Jordi Fuertes, my manager.

I started my long journey programming first in XENIX, UNIX and MS DOS, the operating systems available at that time for all types of businesses, and my aim was to make everyday administrative and accountancy tasks more profitable.

I captured the interest of the aluminium, dental and insurance industries. My employees provided the service and any training requested either, within interested companies or at customer premises. I had a lot of work to do and a lot to offer…




In 1990, the Spanish company Carpintería y Ebanistería Morales set me a challenge that would enable me to specialise in the aluminium industry. They said they would buy my program if it offered them the possibility of designing in 2D, arranging the furniture, altering measurements and finishes and calculating quotes.

It wasn’t easy. But their request became a goal. SIMSA!

Within a few weeks, I’d created TEOREMA, the new market software with the applications that the customer had requested from me. For years, Teorema was a success in the aluminium industry.

On 24 August 1995, Microsoft launched Windows 95. So, I had to reprogramme Teorema because market demands required more advanced technology. I upgraded Teorema as much as I could and changed its name. It was renamed TEOWIN. That’s right. A combination of Teorema and Windows. Year after year, I’ve specialised in the furniture industry as a pioneering [SIMSA!] company by offering software with features that didn’t previously exist on the market. I presented Teowin at the Construmat Trade Fair in Barcelona (1995). Its geniousness and efficiacy, working directly in 3D and with an ability to create exploded diagrams for all types of furniture (manufacture), had an impact on industry professionals. SIMSA!



The years have flown by and…SIMSA touch wood! I’m more than satisfied (and not afraid to say it) as I continue to be the leader in the furniture industry, thanks to more than 5,000 industry professionals who use my services.

30 years after I was first conceived, I continue to choose a working philosophy that is based on direct communication with customers. A large part of my success lies in the personalised, effective attentions shown by all my professionals, who are industry experts and always able to discuss solutions. Without them, I’d be nothing!

That means I’ve also spent 30 years working for you every day, with creativity and innovation [without limits]. I’m continuing to develop new products such as Teo360º, TeoiPad and Teoweb, applications that have been requested by customers like YOU.

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