Bring your projects to life

Ever more realistic and dynamic projects, displayed in advanced photo-realistic rendering and showcased with numerous light effects…


Modules bringing your projects to life thanks to leading-edge technologies and Virtual Reality.


Our powerful 3D engine, using advanced video game technology, delivers spectacular animated photo-realistic renders.


Elements of the scene are interactive for a more immersive experience.


The customer becomes actor of the environment and experiences the project from the inside, taking one step closer to his purchase decision.


To modify the furniture models, their colours or finishes, simply press a key on the keyboard or a button on the joystick.
Teolive is the logical continuation of Teowin Design: on the same computer, it gives the opportunity to display any scene with interactive high quality photo-realistic renders (so you don’t need any additional material).

The customer stands at the centre of the scene and moves around the room with his mouse or with the assistance of the salesman.

Through this application, he can interact with 3D objects and reshape them in real time (model, colours, drawers, etc.). Every effort is made to create an immersive experience and encourage customers to make their purchase decision.

The Teolive VR module includes all Teolive’s features, while showcasing 3D projects from the best perspective: from the inside! Thanks to Virtual Reality and to VR devices (Oculus, HTC…), the customer is immersed at the centre of his future environment: he moves around in the room, grasps objects, opens doors and drawers… in short, he can genuinely interact with his surroundings.

Show your customers how to adapt space to their needs

Make sure the furniture is at the right height, the colour combination is appropriate, the arrangement of the elements and accessories sufficiently convenient... Teolive VR enables you to truly feel the space and take control of the project… so you want to make it yours!

Our VR application was widely praised at the industry trade fairs we attended. Its ergonomics and ultra-realistic design are hailed and rated a notch above the competing applications currently available on the market.

Contact us to know the minimum requirements to take full advantage of the Teolive VR apparatus.
Teolive Showroom is a web application thought for exhibitors wishing to present their customers with an interactive catalogue. They can access various animated renders published on your web site. This is the perfect tool to showcase your catalogue in an interactive way, enjoying an elegantly designed and user-friendly application.

The customer can interact with the scene, by changing the models and the finishes

Your web site users contact your company via a form, directly from the application. Thus Teolive Showroom is also a means of attracting new customers and increasing stores traffic.

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